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Betting on same set of number for 8 years
Toto player wins RM4 million
Kuala Lumpur (Friday)

Perseverance of a Sports Toto player has finally paid off. A punter who has been betting consistently on a set of number in Toto 6D game for the past eight years won the first prize of RM4 million in last Saturday's Toto 6D draw. The number he bet 619827 was drawn as the first prize winning number for Toto 6D game drawn on that day.

Accompanied by his two sons, the winner, a retired businessman from the Klang Valley, happily collected his winnings at Sports Toto Malaysia head office on Wednesday morning (9/7/03).

According to the winner, the set of number was chosen from birth dates of his four grandchildren. He used to invest RM50 in this number practically every Toto 6D draw for the past eight years.

However, the sixties something winner said, when he made his regular bet on the same number last Saturday (5/7/03), he only managed to wager RM40 in that number for that particular draw.

The jubilant winner said he planned to throw a party to celebrate his newfound fortune with his family members and added that he needed time to decide on how to use his windfall.

"For the time being, I will keep the money in the bank to earn interest before deciding on my next move." He said.

According to a spokesman of Sports Toto, this is the second largest amount won by a single winner in Toto 6D game so far this year. Barely three months ago in April, a retiree won a hefty sum of RM4.9 million in Toto 6D, the biggest amount won by a single winner in the history of the 6D game, which was introduced in 1988.

Toto 6D is a popular digit game in the country. The first prize of the game is RM100,000 per every ringgit bet. To win the first prize, the 6-digit numbers on the 6D ticket must be in correct sequence with that of the drawn 6-digit numbers. However, players still stand to win second (RM3,000) third (RM300), forth (RM30) or fifth prize (RM4) if the front or back 5, 4, 3 or 2 digit numbers are in correct sequence with 5, 4, 3, or 2 digit numbers of the drawn winning 6-digit numbers.


Toy Story 3

Like last year’s Up!, Toy Story 3 proves kids films do not have to appeal to kids alone.
The film is the funniest, most enjoyable experience you may have at the cinema this year, regardless of your age.
Job well done for Pixar, these damn toys makes a big boy cry.
Five out of Five stars.


Hello Capello!

cmon Shrek! Roo Roo!


ini la ape yang orang predict before WC. easy route for England.
easy ke? kita tengak je la esok. only 3 points could ensure England qualification. =)


CR 7-0

Say what you will about the luck involved in Cristiano Ronaldo's long-awaited goal against North Korea, but he was ready for it. Take a look at this shot from Portugal's training session on Sunday.

Either he is some kind of sorcerer whose ability to see the future told him to work on this or it's just one of the show-offy tricks he does every chance he possibly can (I'm going with "sorcerer") either way it ended up working. Now go practice balancing the ball on your back until you go cross-eyed, kids.

source: yahoo sports

Questionnaire Ringkas

Hari ni aku pegi ke JPJ untuk renew lesen. Dah 2 bulan mati tapi baru arini pasan. LOL. Jadi sementara aku menunggu perkhidmatan mesra pelanggan, aku keluar la dulu mengambil angin.

Damn! arini aku jadi perokok kelas ke-2, ada rokok tapi tade lighter. so, dgn pantas aku bertanyakan questionnaire ringkas ini.

Saya : Bang, ada lighter?
Bro 30-an : Sori dik, takde.

Saya : Pakcik, lighter?
Pakcik 50-an : Maaf nak, pakcik dah benti isap rokok.

Saya : Bro, api ada bro?
Bro 20-an : Sori bro, tak isap rokok.

LOL! yang aku best dan peliknya, dekat 10 orang aku tanya semuanya takde lighter aka tak isap rokok.

Mungkinkan hasrat murni kerajaan Malaysia telah tercapai? Dengan menaikkan harga rokok hampir kepada RM10 sekotak, dah ramai yang berenti n tak isap rokok. Kalau betul la, Syabas Malaysia!

Malaysia bebas perokok 2020. gitu!

*sambung cite, last skali aku dapat gak lighter dari amoi cun tapi aku miss turn n kena amik nombor baru. waddefak!


Inside the Changing Rooms

source : soccerbible.com


Vuvuzelas for Dummies

for god sake. this 'invention' is really annoying for me.
for 90 mins, for every matches, vuvuzelas will been blown.


i need a new shirt

this is for next season

and this is for this summer

cool huh?


Demam Selsema Piala Dunia 2010

IMMA Dutchmen!

i've found diz somewhere at the internet. LOL.



At last, i have finished CHUCK season 3.
My initial reaction: WOW with an expression of aweSOMEsauce across my face!

This was a perfect finale to an already awesome show! This is exactly why Chuck is my fave show of all time. They really brought it for this episode, and it had everything in it: action, drama, comedy, the lot!

They even gave us an opening as to how season 4 may play out. But seriously, I was glued to the screen from start to finish. The best finale for a tv show I have ever seen!

You can tell this was set up as a "series" finale instead of a "season" finale, but they give you that added scene in the end that sets up the next season. I didn't think this show would keep me hooked for 3 years, but it certainly has not disappointed as a show and improved with every episode it airs. I cannot wait for the new chapter in chucks life and I certainly hope it lasts at least 2 more seasons.

What so great about this season 3?

There's some epic fighting and big bombs but then, Team Bartowski saves the day!
Okay, this is kinda awesome! The big reveal at the end shows Chuck finding out about his mom.
With his mom in the spy game, too and a reveal that Chuck downloaded an early prototype of his dad's intersect at the age of like, 7. ' You are special ' that what Stephen told Chuck. I wonder if they are coming at us with a bit too much to keep the show grounded in any sort of reality anymore. Jeez. But like I said, fans should love all this just fine, and it IS interesting to see where they go with all this next season.

On behalf of CIA, NSA .. and BUY MORE, MUAHAHA!!!

p/s : i got the complete 3rd season in my lappy. :)